Canon Legria HF R205


Design and Build Quality

The camcorder comes in a black-grey-silver design. Canon has gone pretty standard with the design, with a hand strap on the right and the display panel on the left. Depressions and grips are situated at the right levels for easy handling of the device.

The top consists of the power ON button, the shutter button and the zoom lever. Upon opening the flap, you’ll find the USB and HDMI connectivity buttons and the dual SD card slots. These are accompanied by the play, video snap, auto and battery info buttons. The component out, AV out and DC power supply are located on the right of the device, whereas the back consists of the video shoot button. The camcorder comes with a removable Lithium-ion battery, but it’s not of any help, unless you buy a separate battery and an external charger as these don’t come bundled with the box.

The build quality on the camcorder is top notch. The hinge for the display screen is sturdy and the buttons have a good feedback, but we’re not too sure about the placement of all of them. The camcorder weighs 270 grams, is light and fits snugly into the hand, so it has scored quite high in the design and build department on our list.


The camcorder comes with a 1/4.85-inch HD CMOS image sensor, which shoots at 3.28 megapixels and has an 18x optical lens zoom. It has a 3-inch touch-based LCD panel and Canon haven’t mentioned, whether its resistive or capacitive, but we reckon it to be of the resistive types with the touch feedback we got. There’s 1080p video recording in the AVHCD recording standard with two channel Dolby Digital audio recording. Canon have put in a variety of preset shooting modes with Smart Auto, P, CINE, Portrait, Sports, Night, Low light, Snow, Beach, Sunset, Spotlight, Fireworks and Low Light.

The camcorder has a decoration feature that basically allows users to draw simple patterns on the screen that get added to the photos they click. It’s more of a gimmick, than a feature, with pretty limited functionality. The video snap button allows shooting short videos for upto four seconds or eight seconds which can then be interlaced into one single video. Again, we’re not sure about how helpful this particular function is.

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